2015 Edition

Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2015 edition

The first edition, took place from September 28th to October 2nd 2015 in Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari – Italy, it was attended by 27 participants, representatives of public bodies, freelancers and consultants from 10 different nations (Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, UK).

Some important organizations were represented: CEEBA (Egypt); Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (Lebanon); Chamber of Commerce Marseille Provence and Chamber of Commerce of VAR (France) Unioncamere and Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio (Italy); ASCAME, Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping and Fundacion Dieta Mediterranea (Spain); INRAT (Tunisia).

As a direct result of classroom activities, focus groups and laboratory sessions, n. 3 drafts of project-idea have been developed and shared among participants.

As an indirect result, a fruitful networking among participants was encouraged through the implementation of operative groups in main social networks. 70% of attendants rated the organization of the event and training activities between “excellent” and “good”.

The training program was split in 4 main modules/activities:

  • EU financial instruments for the Euro-Mediterranean regions;
  • Project design (Logical Framework Approach) and management (Project Cycle Management)
  • Laboratory sessions: development of project ideas
  • Capitalization sessions

Few comments of participants:

Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2015 edition was very interesting  and a success in many ways, starting from our stay in the beautiful  hotel, to the effective  well organized  activities and finally to the fruitful networking. Hope to see you in the second edition!!!

Caline Nahhas, freelance from Beirut, Lebanon

The Tarmeem Center benefited at all levels from taking part in the Euro-Mediterranean Summer School of 2015, not only we have recognized new opportunities; but also had the opportunity to network with many professionals in different fields which broadened our horizons for a brighter diversified future.

Nizar Al Adarbeh, Mahmoud Al Arab, Mohammed El Khalili, Zaid Kashour from Tarmeem Center, Amman, Jordan

I could remark many aspects of the Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School first edition: the contents were interested and useful, it was really well organised, located in a beautiful place…., but most of all, I would like to emphasise how dynamic and easy going was the workshop itself and, especially, the people I met.

Concha Palacios Robles from Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping School, Barcelona, Spain

The Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2015 was a unique and unforgettable experience. Besides the rich human adventure, with a mix of cultures and professional skills, it was also a valuable learning experience with qualified targeted workshops undertaken and a perfect organization.

Christine Tholin from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of VAR, Toulouse, France