Why in Sardinia?

The strategic and central position of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Basin is the main answer to the question.

We want to talk with you about experiences, best practices and initiatives that have the "Mediterranean" as focal point, in order to plan together new cooperation projects for the future.

And we want to be inspired by our beautiful sea  with the friendliness  that characterizes the  European and Mediterranean people.

But not only....
The venue of Euro-Mediterranean Summer School is in Cagliari, regional capital of Sardinia.

Cagliari is located in the south of Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The best way to reach Cagliari is by air through one of the many Italian and European cities connected.

The Mediterranean climate makes the summer in Cagliari perfect to practice several outdoor sports, such as swimming, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving, canoeing and horse riding. Also, climbing or trekking on the Sella Del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle) and watching pink Flamingos in a natural reserve, the Park of Molentargius, right behind the Poetto are amazing experiences. The city center offers plenty of restaurants, pubs and cafes where you can enjoy the traditional Sardinian cuisine (based on fresh seafood and tasty meat), as well as international food (such as Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Argentinian, Brazilian) and vegetarian and vegan meals.

Sardinia lays in the middle of the Mediterranean Basin surrounded by a  beautiful sea and  white sandy beaches crystal clear waters in various shades of blue and green. Enjoy the magical experience of a swim in this breathtaking seascape or scubadive or snorkel to admire the seabed. 

In the interior areas of Sardinia you will find rocks sculptured by time and the elements into strange shapes, archeological sites and monuments which bear witness to the island’s rich history and Nuraghi dating back thousands of years. The most important "nuraghe" in Sardinia is "Su Nuraxi", situated on a small plateau at the foot of the Giara di Gesturi, in the Marmilla region. In 1997, this monument was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Traditional Sardinian dishes to try during your stay are the “malloreddus” (pasta made from semolina and saffron) with sausage sauce and pecorino cheese, the “fregola” (small round shaped semolina pasta) with clams, the seafood soup, the spaghetti with “bottarga” (salted, dried fish eggs of mullet) and artichokes, “maialetto sardo” (a suckling piglet) on a bed of myrtle, “burrida” (chowder of shark meat). Several types of tasty wines like Cannonau (red), Vermentino (white) and Carignano (rosè) and some famous liquors such as Mirto (obtained from the myrthle plant) and distillates like Fileferru (made from marc) go down well with traditional meals.

To learn more about the attractiveness of Sardinia and Cagliari please see the following videos:

Sardinia - A Myth in the Mediterranean Sea (courtesy of Go to Net Studios

Cagliari. The life you want (courtesy of CagliariTurismo)             

Cagliari -The City of the Sun (courtesy of Deltafilms London)

We wait you in Sardinia!!  Surely you will enjoy your time!!