The Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2017 is organized and supported by:

OpenMed ( is an international association that brings together a group of professionals and people with years of experience in the field of EU programs and projects, with a strong belief in the potentialities and added values of cooperation and exchange processes among organizations, institutions and people of the Mediterranean countries;

University of Cagliari, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Law and Political Sciences ( organizes the MaPE - Master in European Project Design ( The University of Cagliari is a public State University and has about 31,102 enrolled students, over 1,000 teachers and more than 1,000 professionals at the technical-administrative staff. Besides that, about 200 visiting professors come yearly to Cagliari’s University. MaPE is a Master's Degree at its fifth edition. It offers a specialized preparation based on economics, statistics and law and aims to train participants in European Project Design.  

CCIA-BML - Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon ( is a non-profit private organization working for the public benefit. The CCIA-BML was established in 1898 and is the largest of the four Lebanese Chambers. Promoting the business interests of its member enterprises is one of the principal objectives of the Chamber. The CCIA-BML's membership roster currently includes over 14,000 Lebanese businesses, located in two main districts: the Beirut district and the Mount Lebanon district.

ASCAME -Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( was founded on 1st of October 1982, as an initiative of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with its counterparts from different Mediterranean countries. Nowadays, 30 years since its creation, ASCAME – with more than 300 Chambers of Commerce and other associated bodies from 23 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea - works with the most important organizations and international institutions, aiming at the social and economic development of the Mediterranean region.  Among others, the European Union (EU), the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank, the Arab League etc. are also present in multiple high level workgroups;

CEEBA - Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations ( was founded in 2004 by the British-Egyptian, the French, the German-Arab Chamber and the Italian Chamber of Commerce. CEEBA members are business associations and representatives of the enlarged European Union. Being a confederation of chambers CEEBA does not accept direct company membership. Since its inception, CEEBA has been a major player in all industrial sectors, by organizing specific Conferences, Exhibitions, Symposia, Business Round Table, preparing white papers and organizing door-knock missions. CEEBA delegations from Egypt participate regularly in conferences, workshops and roundtables in the EU;

Re.C.O.Med - Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network ( came into being in Imperia on the 18th of November 2011 during the first edition of the Mediterranean Diet Forum. The connection between the Network and the Forum on the Mediterranean Diet is not accidental: in fact, one of the aims of the Forum is contributing to strengthen the Mediterranean identity through the knowledge and enhancement of olive-cultivating areas and the olive’s products, by helping these areas to develop economic and social strategies. Re.C.O.Med main aim is to take action to preserve and optimize the history of olive cultivation and the olive oil production, so that origin and typical qualities of local production are maintained.

Italian Federation Anna Lindh (Facebook Page) has as its main purpose to share the "mission" of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures based in Alexandria ( The education of young people to peace, the promotion of dialogue as the basis for peaceful coexistence and exchanges of young people in Mediterranean countries, the role of cities as spaces of relationship and more are the fields of its action. Founders and Associate Members (over 600 organizations) of the Italian Federation realize initiatives and projects in various fields (training, education, youth, law, environment, sports, art, creativity, music, social solidarity, intercultural dialogue, women empowerment, human rights, integration of migrants, etc.), in fully consistency with the aims of the same Anna Lindh Foundation.