Results and follow up: Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2015

The Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2015 – Let’s Capitalize Your MED Iniziative, took place from 28 September to 2 October in Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari – Italy.

The course was attended by 27 participants representatives of public bodies, freelancers and consultants from 10 different nations (Egypt, France, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, UK).

Some important organizations were rapresented: CEEBA; Chamber of Commerce of Beirut and Mount Lebanon; Chamber of Commerce Marseille Provence; Chamber of Commerce of VAR; Unioncamere; Associazione Nazionale Città dell’Olio; ASCAME; Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping; Fundacion Dieta Mediterranea; INRAT.

As a direct result of classroom activities, focus groups and laboraty sessions, n. 3 drafts of project-idea were developed and shared among participants.

As an indirect result, a fruitful networking among participants was encouraged  through the implementation of operative groups in mainsocial networks.

Participants satisfaction was high: 70% of participants rated the organization of the event and training activities between excellent and good.

The training programme was divided into several activities:

  • EU financial instruments for the Euro-Mediterranean regions;
  • Project design (Logical Framework Approach) and management (Project Cycle Management)
  • Laboratory sessions: development of project ideas
  • Capitalization sessions

It was organized by OpenMedAssociation and MaPE – CRENoS with the support of relevant Euro-Mediterranean partners like the Chamber of Commerce of Beirut – CCIA-BML, the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce – ASCAME, the Confederation of Associations of European Business in Egypt – CEEBA and the network Re.C.O.Med.

The Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation Summer School 2016 is already scheduled. It will aim to define project proposals to be submitted under EU funding programmes (e.g.ENI CBC MED 2014-2020).




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